Construction & Building Sites

Many builders and contractors across the UK experience hearing difficulties due to excessive exposure to loud noises whilst working on busy and loud construction sites.

Owners of construction sites need to take action to safeguard workers hearing under the “Noise At Work Act 1989”. Workers who use heavy equipment or noisy tools must ensure that all the measures and protection are in place to reduce such a risk. When the noisy environment reaches 80 dB, a site manager or employer is liable to take action and provide their contractors or employees with hearing protection.

Employees who’ve developed hearing loss whilst working on a building site without ear protection may be entitled to make a claim for tinnitus compensation.

If you have endured short-term or long term diminished hearing, ringing in the ears or tinnitus due to working on a building site then you could well make a claim for compensation through Mercury Legal.

If you have ever had to shout to be heard on a site or have later learned that your hearing has been affected then Mercury Legal could well help you to make a ‘no win no fee’ claim against your employer for deafness.

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