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‘Acoustic shock’ is a expression used associated with accidents concerning exposure to short, high frequency, high intensity sounds through a phone head set. Many sources claim that these incidents are associated with a selection of physiological and emotional symptoms which have been documented among headset wearers.

Acoustic shock is often related to working in a noisy environment such as call centres or busy telephone receptions. There isn’t any set amount of time that you must have worked in noisy conditions to build up problems with your ears, it greatly depends on how susceptible you are as an individual to noise damage, as well as the actual noise levels you are required to work in. In most cases, the noisier your work place is, the quicker damages occurs.

It is not uncommon for deafness sufferers to start noticing difficulties with their hearing several years after the actual exposure occurred, which often puts people off contacting us while they think nothing can be achieved. Similarly, plenty of noise damage and tinnitus sufferers have worked for several employers over time who’ve exposed them to loud working conditions – lots of whom may not still be trading – and again they think nothing can be achieved. These generalisations are wrong and could mean that you’re missing the compensation you deserve.

We specialise in commercial diseases like acoustic shock and take great pride in providing one of the highest success rates of compensation for people who suffer from it.

Regardless how unimportant you think your claim for acoustic shock may be call us 24/7 as we are here to help.