Car Garages

Thousands of mechanics and technicians across the United Kingdom experience hearing problems due to being exposed to loud noises in the garage or workshop they work in.

Garage owners, service managers and employers need to take action to safeguard workers hearing under the “Noise At Work Act 1989” . Those working in a loud environment such as in a car garage, service centre, bodyshop workshop or car production line must ensure that all the measures and protection are in place to reduce such a risk. When the loud environment reaches 80 dB, the employer is liable to take action. Employees who have developed hearing problems whilst working in a noisy workplace without ear protection may be entitled to make a claim for hearing loss compensation.

If you have suffered from temporary or long term diminished hearing, tinnitus or acoustic trauma due to your job you can well make a claim for personal injury through Mercury Legal.

If you have ever needed to shout in order to be heard at work and also have later found that your hearing may be affected then Mercury Legal could well make it easier to make a claim against your employer for industrial deafness.

We focus on noise induced hearing loss diseases, like those experienced by those working in garages. We take great pride in our level of customer service and integrity and for winning our clients the maximum level of compensation possible. Regardless of how insignificant you imagine your case is, pick up the phone and call us today, as we are here to help you make a no win no fee claim for compensation.