Factory Tinnitus

Thousands of workers throughout the United Kingdom experience hearing problems as a result of being exposed to continuous loud noises on production lines, in factory warehouses or whilst working with heavy equipment like hydraulic presses.

Employers must take action to protect workers hearing under the “Noise At Work Act 1989” regulations. Those employed in a noisy workplace such as manufacturing, construction, airfields or nightclubs should make sure that all the measures and protection are in place to lower such a risk. When the noisy environment reaches 80 dB, the employer is liable to take action. Employees who’ve developed hearing loss whilst working in a noisy environment without any protection may be entitled to make a claim for hearing loss compensation.

For those who have suffered from temporary or permanent diminished hearing, tinnitus or acoustic injury because you work in a noisy factory or production line you can well make a claim for compensation through Mercury Legal.

Don’t be misled into thinking that it is possible to only make a claim if your work involves heavy machinery. Deafening factories, bottling plants, night clubs, harvesting and a whole host of additional very noisy working atmospheres can harm your hearing hence making you permitted make a claim.

Do you need to shout to be heard at work?

If you’ve ever needed to shout in order to be heard at your workplace and possess later discovered that your hearing has been affected then Mercury Legal may assist you to make a claim against your employer for commercial deafness.

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