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Mercury legal online was formed in 2013 as a response to wide reaching legal changes introduced to the UK legal system. Before April 2013 many accidental injury solicitors relied upon specialist legal marketing companies (known as claims management companies – CMCs ) to promote both their own services and to raise awareness of individuals legal rights when it came to claiming compensation. Rightly or wrongly CMC’s received heavy criticism in the popular press and were often held accountable for creating a ‘ compensation culture ’ in the UK, these stories were quickly leaped upon by the insurance industry and used as a justification for rising insurance premiums. Partly in response to such complaints new legislation was introduced placing severe limitations on solicitor’s ability to pay claims management companies for generating leads and cases for their practices via their ads on radio, tv and flyers .

Few of us would believe that the situation had gotten out of hand. Each and every advert on television seemed to be telling us we could claim compensation for one accident or another. Sadly a few less than trustworthy companies entered the market, attracted by the ever increasing fees that solicitors were prepared to pay in order to acquire clients for their practices. Many solicitors agreed that changes were needed and in the beginning supported the Government’s consultations to reform the legal system but equally many felt that the changes that did ultimately come into force went too far and potentially be damaging to the most important people of all – those that had suffered from an accident and needed legal help.

After the introduction of the new legislation a small group of personal injury firms chose to pool their marketing resources beneath the Mercury Legal Online name to ensure that people seeking legal advice and help following an injury or accident had someone to turn to. Mercury Legal Online is administered and run by Fastrack Legal Marketing LLP who are regulated by the Ministry of Justice and it’s our aim to offer uncomplicated, jargon free help to those who need legal assistance at a time when they need it most. All of our solicitor firms are carefully chosen depending upon their expertise and experience and we hope that our efforts guarantees that access to justice is open to all.

You’ll never be charged for using Mercury Legal Online as our solicitors all contribute towards our costs and advertising making our service free for you to use. In addition none of our solicitors charge any upfront fees if your case be accepted and most of their legal costs are covered by the other side should you win, this will be explained to you at the start of your claim. If your claim is unsuccessful through no fault of your own you will not face any legal bills or charges.

Contact us now free of charge and without any obligation to see if you may be entitled to compensation.