No Win No Fee Tinnitus Claims

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If you have lost your hearing or developed severe tinnitus because of your work or previous job, you may be entitled to claim for compensation under a no win no fee agreement.

Although the rules on how you can make a claim for compensation have changed this year, you can still claim with no financial risk to yourself. Our claims team will be able to talk to you about these changes and how they might affect how much compensation you maybe able to claim. Speak to them by requesting a call back or by calling 0800 122 3130.

How can I make a no win no fee claim?

Conditional fee agreements or no win no fee agreements, were introduced in 1995 in the UK and have been designed to ensure that everyone can have access to justice, no matter what their financial circumstances.

No win no fee agreements remove the risk and worry associated with making a compensation claim.
Under a no win no fee agreement you:-
No Win No Fee Do not have to pay any upfront fees
Compensation No Win No Fee Have no hidden costs to be concerned about
Claim No Fees Don’t need to pay out anything at all should your case be unsuccessful through no fault of your own.

What happens if I don’t win my case?

If you don’t win your case you do not have to pay a penny and your solicitor does not recover any of their costs either. Your solicitor therefore has a vested interest in making sure that you recover the compensation you’re entitled to; if you don’t win, they do not get paid.

When your case has settled successfully your solicitor will recover the majority of their fees and expenses from the other side or their insurance company, so you will never be asked to pay these costs. Unlike some legal firms, our solicitors will make sure that you keep at least 75% of your compensation payout.

Prior to April 2013 solicitors had the ability to recover all of their fees from the losing party, meaning you were able to keep all of your compensation with no deductions. There has no been a change in the law, meaning solicitors are still able to provide a no win no fee service, but you might be expected to contribute to your legal costs if your claim is successful. This will be explained to you thoroughly once your claim has been assessed. However, crucially, it still remains the case that you will never have to pay anything at all in the event that your claim is unsuccessful through no fault of your own, so you’re able to pursue your compensation award with no financial risks.

Find out how you can make a no win no fee claim

If you have any questions whatsoever regarding no win no fee arrangements and would like some clarification on the new laws introduced in April 2013 get in touch with us, free of charge and with no obligation, and we will talk you through everything you need to know.